• Do not install Bamboo'Ali Flooring in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or saunas.
• In the case of use on the 1st floor, avoiding any areas likely to be submerged of water or regularly high humidity. Good environment for use will ensure aesthetics and the lifetime of bamboo flooring.
• In the area near the balcony, bamboo flooring must be installed in the area inside the door to avoid the impact of rain, the door step should be 2-3cm higher than the balcony outside to avoid water rain overflowing into bamboo flooring.
• In the areas adjacent to the restroom and bathroom, bamboo flooring should be separated by stone steps or other materials to prevent water leaking or spilling onto the floor.
• Use soft rubber pads to foots of the furniture that are frequently exposed to the floor. Do not pull objects with sharp feet or edges on the floor.
• Gold'Ali bamboo flooring is suitable for residents, offices with normal traffic intensity; for commercial and public places with high traffic, Diamond'Ali bamboo flooring is the best choice.
• Use a damp cloth to clean the flooring, the similar cleaing way to the sanitizing of laminate flooring or engineering flooring. Bamboo'Ali encourages users to regularly clean the floor (at least once a week), which will keep the flooring shiny and aesthetically durable.
• Do not nail, screw down to the floor.
• The concrete surface to be used for installing flooring should be dry. In case of leakage, moisture during use, users should inform to the technical department of PINCTADALI company for advice and support.


Bamboo'Ali ensures that each flooring board is branded Gold'Ali, Diamond'Ali or Pearl'Ali:
• Meeting all necessary standards for flooring products, which are strictly controlled from raw material selection to finished product and packaging.
• No blistering, chipping, splitting, warping, worms in standard conditions.
• Not being soaked of water through the surface of the flooring


• Bamboo'Ali is responsible for the warranty for any defects stated in the Warranty Terms, the warranty period is 10 years (for households and residents) and 2 years (for commercial places such as offices, hotels, public areas...). For the installation works done by Bamboo'Ali, flooring is maintained for 25 years.
• After Bamboo'ali has made handover works, the customer is obliged to comply with the instructions for use and preservation. In case the customer makes unintentionally incurred errors that need repair, Bamboo'Ali is responsible for support of repairing at preferential cost.
• Product that is damaged due to force majeure such as flood, fire, explosion, fire, misuse and use instructions, warranty is not be covered by Bamboo'Ali.


When you need warranty or problems related to bamboo floor products, customers can choose one of 04 ways to contact Bamboo'Ali as follows:
• Contact directly with the contract sales officer.
• Call the company at: 04.37 55 85 22.
• Email the company at
• Reach the company office for notice and warranty.

Customers will be required to provide contract number information so that we can resolve the issues as soon as possible.